Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

The Business Development department is guided by a mission statement “to provide for the creation of a prosperous community” while adhering to the values that “all community economic development will be socially, culturally and environmentally appropriate to Stk’emlupsemc Te Secwepemc Nation.”

In its simplest form, our Business Development department can be described as action taken locally by a community to provide economic opportunities and improve social conditions in a sustainable way.  Our community initiates and generates our own solutions to economic problems leading to positive concrete changes in communities by:

  • Creating employment
  • Stabilizing local economies
  • Reducing poverty
  • Contributing to the health of the natural environment
  • Building on local resources and capacities
  • Increasing community control

The business development department’s activities focus on the individual entrepreneur and private sector. In this, the Department is supported by both the joint council and individual Chief and Councils,.

For more information about business development, please contact,

Phone: 1-877-373-0023
Fax: 1877-373-0057

Photo Credit: Province of British Columbia

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