Intent & Purpose

Intent & Purpose


In the spirit of our people, we entered into a protocol to ensure the following:

  • The vision to protect Aboriginal TITLE AND RIGHTS of our territory
  • With a vision for greater PROSPERITY for our people and protection of our lands now and forever
  • Looking at JURSIDICTION, rights, obligations, responsibilities, mandates, trust, respect, benefits, and real partnership


  • UNITY is the ultimate goal in strengthening our relationship through our mutual interests
  • Framework, structure, and interaction on a daily basis guides our JOINT DECISION MAKING with a team focused approach
  • We coordinate both our political and technical teams toward IMPLEMENTATION of our agreements and relationships
  • Co-Decision making
  • Co-Management
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Partnership

Our Scope   

  • Work cooperatively to safeguard our interest and the protection of our land
  • Enrich the political, social, cultural, linguistic, and spiritual well-being of our people
  • To protect our people, land, and resources by working toward long-term sustainable development

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